El Tigre Refrence Animation


Friday, February 22, 2008

hey guys
anyway we can move the meeting up from tuesday?
namely before tuesday like mon,sun, or sat??
because i need to go home befor tues cus my parents
are goin to hk cus my grandfather is dying and i need
to help them wf stuff befor they leave
i think its a crucial meeting,,so id rather move it than miss it...


  1. Bryan said...

    I won't be back until monday night, so the workshop can't be before then. If you're going to miss it, then I can give you a copy of all the material and you can learn it on your own. If you want, I can try to put it on the server monday night, but that's probably too late for you.
    The classes are fairly comprehensive in terms of basic flash animation, so you should be able to learn the basics on your own, it just might take more work on your part.

  2. LAURA said...

    thanks a lot bryan, but yeah i think i have to actually be there..the material might not be as effective ha
    see u

  3. Sooji "Seraphina" Lee said...

    I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather...
    Is it possible for you to visit HK with your family?
    I think you should be excused.
    I lost my grandma few years ago and I couldnt be there due to school, which I regret so very much.

    Take care :(