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Monday, February 25, 2008


Snow storm warning!
There may be a snow storm tomorrow, I've heard of upwards of 15 cm...
people who live far away i don't want to make you risk the roads.

I need to know if moving the meeting to Wednesday is possible. Please post a yes or a no. or call me.

I need an answer from everyone so please do so. If i get an answer from everyone Ill make a post.

If not. Its still tomorrow, and well just hope for no snow.

Thanks all.
- Jake

Side note:

Laura, It was late when I typed that and because of that I guess I did not type what I was trying to say correctly. I was suggesting that you DO go home, and DO care. Simply suggesting that you come for a little while early on then leave. So you wouldn't have to sacrifice too much for school.
I want you to be home with your family, family > school.


  1. Sooji "Seraphina" Lee said...

    Wednesday is fine for me.

    However, no thursday; I have an appointment with my dentist in TO.

  2. Super Happy Animation Go! said...
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  3. Super Happy Animation Go! said...

    any other day is good with me.


  4. Bryan said...

    Any day is fine with me, but how do I know if no one is coming tomorrow.