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Friday, November 16, 2007

a composition idea for the cornfield layout

Hi, all.
This thumbnail is done by Mr. Komza, as a revision of my cornfield layout.
I am putting up this because it would be a good reference for layout people.
And also, I am so sorry for not being able to attend our Sunday's meeting because I have to go to the church in downtown on that day.
Especially I am sorry for not being there although my storyboards have the most problems.
I did not really understand the middle part of my assigned part of the story, but after the meeting I get what's going on in the sequence.
What I am going to do is that I will draw rough, revised storyboards of my part and will post them on the blog by Saturday night.
In that way, you can give me feedbacks on my new boards on Sunday's meeting.
I did not know about the animation called Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends so I looked for a clip of that animation.
For those who do not know Foster's, I put a link of the animation. It has a very nice style :)

Sorry again & see you~!!



  1. LAURA said...

    thanks sooji
    dont worry! urs did not have the most problems atall!
    its just a very sustantial juicy sequence ok?