El Tigre Refrence Animation


Monday, November 26, 2007

Everyones stuff is now up, First upload was done at 8, took 15 min to finish them all! Sorry i'm 15 min late :P

Find your part here, clean it up, add a panel or two if you think it needs it.

Dave = take off
Jake = Opening pan for titles, and closing night sky shot.
Lisa = Looking around + the stuff I labeled here for you.

Thanks all!

If someone could contact Miyeon and Steve for me to let them know about this I would be ultra happy!

See yall tomorrow
- Jake Fullerton -


  1. Sooji "Seraphina" Lee said...

    Could you post the new model sheet for the kid as well?

  2. Jake Fullerton said...

    I was stupid and in such a hurry to get home to break down the boards that i forgot to drag the saved scans onto my portable, just use the old model, the changes are minimal and wont affect the story at all.