El Tigre Refrence Animation


Saturday, November 3, 2007


Hello! I guess this really involves few people.

1. For the fun pack, could everyone have their works be sent to me via email or posted on the blog by Sunday night? I just want to get the fun pack over with this weekend and be ready to be passed around for everyone to use it when they are storyboarding. Still missing work from couple of people. You know who you are, and there shouldn't be an excuse to not being done by now, since we had 4-5 extra days.

2. Also, if you have concept, or any finished work involving the story we have been developing recently, could you submit those or post them on the blog as well? Those are really just for the fun pack for submit purpose on Friday. Thanks.

3. I think we still need the beat script for the storyboard to be posted. This weekend is pretty light, so I think everyone should try to start something this weekend.

Other than that, everyone have a good weekend.

- Dave