El Tigre Refrence Animation


Monday, November 5, 2007

Hey all,
(check your email for your script part)

Since the boards are due tomorrow we all need to do our 9 panels tonight and/or tomorrow morning before class.

I took the liberty to divide up the script in order to save time. Please board your assigned part for tomorrow.
Remember because of the tight time limit the main thing that we will get out of this ROUGH board is what NOT to do. So don't spend too long on your part, keep them rough but readable.
She is asking for a minimum of 9 panels each, if you believe that you need more than 9 to complete your section effectively thats fine.

I know this may seem tight in terms of time and I'm sorry for that, but changes were needed, they were made and now our story is stronger than ever.
The way the script is set up it doesn't require alot of brain racking so we shouldn't have to much trouble getting it done on time.

I've included in an email already sent out a map of the area to help with consistency, the divided script and I included the 3 panel sheets in case you don't have them.
If you have any questions call me 416 903 9164


- Jake Fullerton -