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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Design Pack due Tomorrow~!!!

Hello, group~
I asked Mark about design pack, and it is due tomorrow (March 14th).
It doen't need to be printed out; it can be handed in digitally.
Those images above are the templates that Laura made before for design pack (I guess...).
(* Sorry, Laura. I thought these were made by Dave. Sorry~)

And rough layouts are also due tomorrow, individually.

in tomorrow's Story class, I heard that we are going to watch a movie for Tuesday's test.
I am not sure what will happen exactly, but I think that's what I heard...
I guess it might affect on your Tuesday's test if you don't show up for tomorrow's morning class.

You all have a great day :)



  1. Lisa Tao said...

    i think those are made by laura~

  2. LAURA said...

    ya i made those a lon time ago
    id b cool if we used them for this thing