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Thursday, March 13, 2008

layout sample thingy

here are some layouts from samurai jack.
i think it would fit alot better than invader zim, and it looks funner to try!
i dont think its any simpler than invader zim; just that samurai jack uses no lines but separates forms with shapes of colour. what do u guys think??? im gonna vote for samurai jack =)

and heres a really rough rough rough sample that i did... rough.

very ROUGH.
so heres what i did:
- i used gradient tool of teal blue and dis saturated yellow for the background colour
- i chose a grainy brush and picked up colours on the background and swiped lightly across to add some texture. add stars =)
- made a new layer and i used a normal brush and added grass ( does it have to really be corn field? i think it would make our life so much easier if it was just a hay field.)
- added swipes of high lights, and make a layer under the grass and add some shadow with a grayer tone
- with the similar grainy brush, pick a little bit darker colour from the grass and swipe some at the bottom so it doesnt look as cheap and more interesting lol

i think for this style, colour is very important. it has to look unified, yet contrasted.
i think we can rely on our colour supervisor mi yeon for that, to make swatches.
no lines were used in making the simple background i made, cuz it was a easy one, but if u get detailed layout scenes, then i suggest roughing out the layout first, then use that as a guide and build the layout.

i dunno, ill do more tmr before class if i woke up early enough haha.

- lisa


  1. Bryan said...

    This looks pretty good. I think it would fit well in our film too.