El Tigre Refrence Animation


Monday, March 3, 2008


Meeting Tuesday! 1:00pm

If you check your calender I handed out you will see what is happening tomorrow, but as a brief recap:

1. Bring in what scenes you've work booked already.
( As an idea for progression, I've pretty much finished work booking all of my scenes. )

2. You will get to see how the characters are coming along in Flash. You will also learn how they work.

3. You will also be able to compare your work booked layouts to others who have scenes around yours. This will help with consistency.

These three things are all very important. Especially the third.
You must make sure your scenes work for flash before Friday.
Today is a good day to find out if your scenes do or do not work for flash as they are.

You can workbook digitally if you want. I'm doing mine strait in flash.

See you all tomorrow for the weekly group meeting. 1pm


- Jake