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Saturday, March 1, 2008

So here's the kid (Billy?) in all his flashy glory. Not totally done, (ie he needs mouth and eye shapes) but he's almost there. I think we should change his proportions a bit though. The alien is coming along as well. I may be able to get his turnaround done tonight. We'll see.
Also here's a video of the kid that I did in maya:

So anyone that wants to help tomorrow is welcome to come, and is very appreciated. I don't know exactly what will be left to do (other than one billion mouth shapes), but I'm sure there will be no shortage of work. Bring a list of any props that you need to do for your scenes, and I can help you build them.

SO to recap: Sunday at 12:00 we are having a character building session. Please come. This means you Lettie and Lisa.


  1. David Hwang said...

    I'll show up a bit late... sorry.

  2. DrawDoll said...

    HEy sorry i couldn't post the video last time it wasn't working .

  3. Lisa Tao said...

    whoa o_O;;
    i guess i missed the meeting..
    i just got back from toronto