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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Hey all,

Meeting Reminder.

Tuesday is the official group meeting.
Attendance has been down on tuesdays, but we need to reverse that now. We are getting close to the end. 2 weeks left really...

Bring in your animations and layouts thus far this tuesday. Show them off to the group. We will meet in one of the A151 computer labs so that everyone has a computer. Get your scenes checked. Its the only way to learn if you are doing things correctly.

Please have a minimum of 1 finished scene. Some people are done or 75% done. Push hard to get as much as possible finished.



- Jake Fullerton -

P.S. I have an interview tuesday for co-op. But you dont need me to be there. Its a sharing experience. Please share, see others scenes. Get ideas, get suggestions.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

corn prototype

ive seen ppl working on some corn stuff.. and i came up with these.


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Workbook Scenes

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend.
I was wondering if everyone could have their workbooks scenes on the server by Monday. I will try to put them together Monday night after the group meeting on 2 pm.


- Dave


Meeting Monday at 2pm

Bring your layouts, try to clean one up. If you don't know about colour to use just do a gray scale version.
The idea is to build it in flash so that you can all get a feeling for how its done, gradients and textures are added after in photoshop.

Looking forward to seeing everyones stuff!
- Jake Fullerton -


hey guys, just to let u guys know that there are files in the model sheet folder thats called something like handsshare and armshare for the kid.
i made few shapes, and when u guys need them u can just use those.
and if u guys made new shapes, then add them to the collection for other ppl or for future use.


yay have fun animatingggg


Friday, March 21, 2008

this isnt relevant. but check it out guys!
street fighter contest, draw your favourite street fighter character and it might be published in the udon 20th aniversary art book~

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hey guys, I'll be in tomorrow at 2:00 if anyone needs help. I'll be in 151.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Space Ship Chair Design

Bryan, if you are working on the chair feel free to drop off or change any parts that doesn't suit flash.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Space Ship Interior

Here is the revised space ship interior design. I believe I got everything in there, dash board, air lock, etc. The design air lock door area is not so clear in this drawing, but basically take Sooji's design and fit it in between the 2 curve metal pillar/bar type of thing.

The circle thing in the center was intended to be the teleport portal, but it doesn't have to be since we dont have a scene of him appearing in the spaceship.

I got a joy stick on the chair, but if it is unnecessary take it out Bryan. I will get a design of the chair up tomorrow morning.

The circle on the roof are lights.

I think thats everything


Saturday, March 15, 2008


The Meeting is on Monday

Sunday did not work for enough people so we moved it to Monday.

Monday at 2pm.
Must Make this meeting, character are finally done, you will learn how to animate with them, and see where they are on the server.

Sorry for any confusion. I can't remember what day exactly it was changed. But I think it was during the mentor meeting on Wednesday.

- Jake -

is there a meeting on sunday? do tell
i m staying in oakville this weekend for this lone reason

Friday, March 14, 2008

part of my scene

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Here is a design for the airlock room.
There are some perspective problem, but it looks ok enough for design pack.

Airlock Switch

hmm...I belive I am supposed to design the airlock switch....

However, since Laura is dealing with the scene with the airlock switch, choose one you like, Laura :)

Well, here is my design.


airlock done in flash

Alien boss

here is the alien boss.
the air lock & the air lock switch comin' up~


This is for the design pack, its a temp model because we need something up.
The actual design I'm still working on.... hard......

here ya go Dave!
- Jake

Design Pack due Tomorrow~!!!

Hello, group~
I asked Mark about design pack, and it is due tomorrow (March 14th).
It doen't need to be printed out; it can be handed in digitally.
Those images above are the templates that Laura made before for design pack (I guess...).
(* Sorry, Laura. I thought these were made by Dave. Sorry~)

And rough layouts are also due tomorrow, individually.

in tomorrow's Story class, I heard that we are going to watch a movie for Tuesday's test.
I am not sure what will happen exactly, but I think that's what I heard...
I guess it might affect on your Tuesday's test if you don't show up for tomorrow's morning class.

You all have a great day :)


Layout Style

This is the layout style that alot you seemed to like at a previous meeting. I think they work well with Characters and well here's as much refrence for it as I could find. Thanks Lisa!!! for the samurai jack stuff too..some of it is quite similar to this style.


layout sample thingy

here are some layouts from samurai jack.
i think it would fit alot better than invader zim, and it looks funner to try!
i dont think its any simpler than invader zim; just that samurai jack uses no lines but separates forms with shapes of colour. what do u guys think??? im gonna vote for samurai jack =)

and heres a really rough rough rough sample that i did... rough.

very ROUGH.
so heres what i did:
- i used gradient tool of teal blue and dis saturated yellow for the background colour
- i chose a grainy brush and picked up colours on the background and swiped lightly across to add some texture. add stars =)
- made a new layer and i used a normal brush and added grass ( does it have to really be corn field? i think it would make our life so much easier if it was just a hay field.)
- added swipes of high lights, and make a layer under the grass and add some shadow with a grayer tone
- with the similar grainy brush, pick a little bit darker colour from the grass and swipe some at the bottom so it doesnt look as cheap and more interesting lol

i think for this style, colour is very important. it has to look unified, yet contrasted.
i think we can rely on our colour supervisor mi yeon for that, to make swatches.
no lines were used in making the simple background i made, cuz it was a easy one, but if u get detailed layout scenes, then i suggest roughing out the layout first, then use that as a guide and build the layout.

i dunno, ill do more tmr before class if i woke up early enough haha.

- lisa

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stuff todo

Bring in your workbooked scenes for Wednesday please. If you can't Thursday at latest.

Scan it into your computer and time it out.

Thanks all

- Jake

Monday, March 3, 2008



Meeting Tuesday! 1:00pm

If you check your calender I handed out you will see what is happening tomorrow, but as a brief recap:

1. Bring in what scenes you've work booked already.
( As an idea for progression, I've pretty much finished work booking all of my scenes. )

2. You will get to see how the characters are coming along in Flash. You will also learn how they work.

3. You will also be able to compare your work booked layouts to others who have scenes around yours. This will help with consistency.

These three things are all very important. Especially the third.
You must make sure your scenes work for flash before Friday.
Today is a good day to find out if your scenes do or do not work for flash as they are.

You can workbook digitally if you want. I'm doing mine strait in flash.

See you all tomorrow for the weekly group meeting. 1pm


- Jake


for bryan, the MAN.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

So here's the kid (Billy?) in all his flashy glory. Not totally done, (ie he needs mouth and eye shapes) but he's almost there. I think we should change his proportions a bit though. The alien is coming along as well. I may be able to get his turnaround done tonight. We'll see.
Also here's a video of the kid that I did in maya:

So anyone that wants to help tomorrow is welcome to come, and is very appreciated. I don't know exactly what will be left to do (other than one billion mouth shapes), but I'm sure there will be no shortage of work. Bring a list of any props that you need to do for your scenes, and I can help you build them.

SO to recap: Sunday at 12:00 we are having a character building session. Please come. This means you Lettie and Lisa.