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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Beat Boardin!

Hello All!

Ok, for tomorrow well all be needing to bring in the following for the 10 am meeting:

3 Rough (but readable panels) for the part of the story that you were assigned.

You can choose to do a variety of things with this, for instance. You could do 3 shots in sequential order telling the story. OR you could do 3 different approaches to the same shot (upshot, down shot, strait, etc.) OR if you fancy yourself a character / animation person you could work out some sequential poses for a character during a scene.

During tomorrows meeting we will decide as to which of the panels we will go with for the pitch.

After you clean it up please email it to me by latest midday monday (1 pm) PLEASE try to get it to me as early as possible (if possible, sunday) as I need to put them all into one solid presentation ASAP.


4 people for intro
Landing - Sang Ho
Menacing Figure - Lisa
Cutest alien - Igor
Speach (people loving the alien for his dance) - Lettie

4 people for montage (conflict) -> Growing Rage
Micheal - Montage
Jack - Montage
Dave - Montage with Anger
Anger Built at Montage end - Steve

4 people for climax (conan show reseach. )
Walking out on stage (welcoming intro) - Andrea (set research)
Conan Mocking him - Jake
Holds off on blasting Conan -
Gets Message that army has arrived - Bryan

2 people for resolution
Times square invaded - Laura
Times square invaded 2 -

Thanks guys, see yeah tomorrow!

- Jake Fullerton -

~Your friendly neighbourhood PM man~


  1. David Hwang said...

    My montage is part where everything he does just becomes loved by everyone in NY and becomes a mascot I believe.