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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Tasks to do by Thursday.

1. Try to draw Steve's design of kid in Disney's 'Emperor's new Groove' style. Try to POST THEM ON OUR BLOGSPOT BY THURSDAY MORNING!

2. Have reference for layout design available.
3. Optional, is finding another style and draw alien and kid in that style and bring it in please.

Lettie did design a very simple kid, if everyone is fine with it, we will go with it, but I believe we will still require several revisions. If you do like the style, try few poses and rotations and see if you can match the style.

Remember, this will be very important to make our storyboard and leica reel look and feel consistent.

Happy Drawing!

- Dave


  1. LAURA said...

    wheres letties drawing

  2. Lisa Tao said...

    arent we supposed to do storyboard for thursday too??
    or is that not part of the fun pack?