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Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Story

Hi everyone, (same message as email )

Tomorrow (Friday) at 10 am we have a meeting with Natalie (Mentor meeting room or desks). This is an important meeting as she will be helping us to determine the future of our story.

Our story concept and jokes are very strong, we are staying with it for sure at this point. However we need to develop character motivation and reason.

A premise for our story is key, what Natalie originally described a premise as being was false. A premise is more or less what the goal or reason of a story...

For instance: Peter pan's premise would be: Wendy doesn't want to get old.

The entire story from that point on focuses on how time is evil. Or how time is scary.

We will be finding our premise tomorrow. ( Create character motivation and reason for action )

After class I would like to hold a character development meeting, i've been hearing some complications surrounding this. But I would at least like people to give me any drawings or ideas that they may have created, so i can scan them and post them on the blog.

PLEASE bring in what you have been working on tomorrow, be it story goal ideas, or character / layout concepts. ( still using the alien and the boy )

The possibility for me to meet on the weekend is now out of the question... as upon arriving home today I found out my dog, my best friend, has lymphoma. This is a rapidly advancing cancer that will kill her within a few days... I'm crying right now, so please excuse my absence this weekend.

Dave is lead of design now, any character design stuff would be awesome. Give it to him on a weekend meeting, develop and hopefully we can have some rough designs to follow for pitch package work. Dave and I chat on MSN alot so Ill know whats up.

See you all tomorrow,

ill try not to cry all day... this is a huge shock to me, 1 week ago she was healthy, now she has about a week left...................................................

- Jake Fullerton -

~ your very sad and crying PM man ~