El Tigre Refrence Animation


Thursday, October 25, 2007

kid drawing =)

i like this one =D but i guess it could go simpler.

a little compressed version of the first drawing.. thought maybe he was too tall.

him without the hat~ shows how his head shape is like =)

for the layout, i think i like how emperor's groove's layout is.
personally i prefer the layout to be somewhat realistic (meaning less edgy lines and flat colours) and coloured to be like it too. like the ones with layout on the post below. XD

and... unfortunately i dont think i can make it to the meeting today TT

ive got to.. sleeep.... zzzZZ

oh, and can someone post the script or general story line on the blog too?
i think im a little confused.. about some parts :/
if someone could do that for the team members, ill dance for u with joy!

ok, good nite <3