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Friday, October 12, 2007

Story Beats!

Also, please have story beats ready for Sunday as well.
If you want to do just one part of the beat, please feel free to, but have some beats ready to be shown to the group on Sunday.

See you all there.

- Dave

Note: I should be around the campus around studio/computer labs. Please pop in if would like to submit or discuss ideas.


  1. Jake Fullerton said...

    Reference for beats in the email Bryan sent out. Ill create some as well. (no new twists at this point story is locked) work out shot angles etc.

  2. Lettie said...

    cee u today ;)

  3. LAURA said...

    im in richmondhill because my family doctor is here and i dont feel so good
    either way, ive recieved the emails and will ppost some things up