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Friday, October 12, 2007

Design Deadlines.

I hope everyone had a nice Friday.
Just a few reminders for everyone.

There will be an informal group meeting on Sunday, after 4 pm. If you can make it, great! Bring in some concept art, and be prepared to draw or CG in the lab.

I would also like everyone to submit a copy of their concept work based on the "New Script". I'm hoping everyone is either familiar with the new story and character arch. I think I was able to catch a few people, but to make sure, if you don't know what's going on, ask me. Please try to have some character, layout, and/or props by Sunday noon. Just simple line drawings will work.

Reminder again.
1. Meeting Sunday 4 pm at school
2. Concept work based on "new script" by Sunday @ noon as well.

Note: If you cannot attend the meeting, have your work scanned and maybe pass on to any of the supervisors, PM, or group members.

Note: I'll try to email everyone, but if you see and of our group members, please pass on this information as well.

Note: Please, check the blog or email as often as possible. Thanks

- Dave


  1. David Hwang said...

    In the future, please make a comment to let everyone know you have read/seen the posts.


  2. Jake Fullerton said...

    Looks good, thanks Dave! I hope many people can make it. Ill be in touch but im grounded at home this weekend.

    See ya all monday