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Thursday, October 25, 2007


Hey all,

This is a list of things to be done for the fun pack Tuesday.

2 people need to get theirs done by tomorrow night, those being: Lettie and Bryan. (Bryan is already done) Turn arounds need to be done so the expression people can work on model.

Our style is more or less loony toons, with textures. (For Layout people)
Skew perspective similar to loony toons (Sooji if you can scan a page from that book that would be awesome) (Don't worry about the colour, focus on solid line drawings for our style)

Here is the List of Tasks, if you were not at the meeting do what you were assigned on time.


Jake - Colour Outdoor
Bryan - Kid rotation (done)
Dave - Props
Sooji - Outdoor by the ship
Andrea - Boys Room
Sangho - The house
Jack - Interior Space ship
Miyeon - Colour Pallet for all scenes
Laura - Out the window view (destruction as the kid zips back and forth destroying things in front of the kid)
Lisa - Kid Expression (look below for Bryan's turn around)
Lettie - Alien rotation (Stylize current alien - Similar to kid - Simple like Emperors new groove)
Mike - Size Comparison of characters with Structure (spheres and cubes showing how the characters are constructed)
Steve - Alien Expression

Any questions post in comments.
Please post a comment once u've read your task so I know you know. (Tony will be informed if you do nothing)

People who did not attend the meeting: I am upset that so many of you chose not to make it when some members are continuing to put long hours into making this film work.


  1. LAURA said...

    ""Laura - Out the window view (destruction as the kid zips back and forth destroying things in front of the kid)"""
    do explain

  2. Jake Fullerton said...

    Story change, (already scripted) He now does get fired and comes back to destroy stuff, kid watches from his window. Basically u need a landscape from the pov of 16 feet off the ground ie second floor of a house out the window. Whats on the horizon, other farms? city? Hills? school ? etc. keep it vast though so it feels like central usa. :)