El Tigre Refrence Animation


Thursday, October 4, 2007

testing style!

so i was wondering if the style would be flat coloured with lighter outlines according what the area colour is.. and no shading but maybe gradients will be good?

heres my version of the little alien...
i think anything with huge pupils are cute!

oh yea... and also.... i had an idea of the alien sticking his thumb into his mouth to communicate..
i think its a cute and funny addition to the character.. and most of all, less to animate XD



  1. Sooji "Seraphina" Lee said...

    as alwayz, your character is soooooo cute >_<

  2. Jake Fullerton said...

    For now don't be too concerned with style. It is still open to change, use the reference below for some minimal guidance, but feel free to draw outlines in your own way.