El Tigre Refrence Animation


Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween guys

the artist is chet zar, i think hes amazing
anyways, ill post up my layout tonite!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Size Comparison

Size Comparison and structure made by Mike.

- Dave(I'm just posting for him)

yay boy

was pretty fun to draw =D

so i used steve's alien almost. and i combined it with brian's design's body

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Layout: the Barn

I wanted to clean up more but, like I said, I am having a problem with my
eye so that I am having difficulties seeing close objects.
I am sorry for not being able to produce clean-uped layout..
This is as clean as I can draw. Sorry, colouring crew :(

Still finishing it up, but this is what i have so far. Adding more texture /detail.

Space Ship Interior Design

This is the space ship location design I have so far. Feel free to post any comments: style, add stuff, subtract stuff... etc...



Here are the props. Comment on any suggestions for additional props or changes.
- Dave

Friday, October 26, 2007

Thumbnails: hand-out

I am posting the handout for the group thumbnail assignment for those who do not have one.

I cannot draw at my normal speed because I'm having a problem with the cornea of my left eye.
However, I will try to finish up my part as soon as possible, at the latest, by Sunday.

And I might not be able to join Monday's group meeting since I have an appointment with my eye doctor on that day in the afternoon.

I am so sorry for causing any inconvenience.


Looney Tunes Layouts

the source of the images: Draw the Looney Tunes; artworks by San Wei Chan

Happy drawing!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Hey all,

This is a list of things to be done for the fun pack Tuesday.

2 people need to get theirs done by tomorrow night, those being: Lettie and Bryan. (Bryan is already done) Turn arounds need to be done so the expression people can work on model.

Our style is more or less loony toons, with textures. (For Layout people)
Skew perspective similar to loony toons (Sooji if you can scan a page from that book that would be awesome) (Don't worry about the colour, focus on solid line drawings for our style)

Here is the List of Tasks, if you were not at the meeting do what you were assigned on time.


Jake - Colour Outdoor
Bryan - Kid rotation (done)
Dave - Props
Sooji - Outdoor by the ship
Andrea - Boys Room
Sangho - The house
Jack - Interior Space ship
Miyeon - Colour Pallet for all scenes
Laura - Out the window view (destruction as the kid zips back and forth destroying things in front of the kid)
Lisa - Kid Expression (look below for Bryan's turn around)
Lettie - Alien rotation (Stylize current alien - Similar to kid - Simple like Emperors new groove)
Mike - Size Comparison of characters with Structure (spheres and cubes showing how the characters are constructed)
Steve - Alien Expression

Any questions post in comments.
Please post a comment once u've read your task so I know you know. (Tony will be informed if you do nothing)

People who did not attend the meeting: I am upset that so many of you chose not to make it when some members are continuing to put long hours into making this film work.

So here's the turn around. I threw up the front and side views from my sketchbook for whoever has to do the action pose.

kid drawing =)

i like this one =D but i guess it could go simpler.

a little compressed version of the first drawing.. thought maybe he was too tall.

him without the hat~ shows how his head shape is like =)

for the layout, i think i like how emperor's groove's layout is.
personally i prefer the layout to be somewhat realistic (meaning less edgy lines and flat colours) and coloured to be like it too. like the ones with layout on the post below. XD

and... unfortunately i dont think i can make it to the meeting today TT

ive got to.. sleeep.... zzzZZ

oh, and can someone post the script or general story line on the blog too?
i think im a little confused.. about some parts :/
if someone could do that for the team members, ill dance for u with joy!

ok, good nite <3


refs refs refs!!


Wednesday, October 24, 2007


My attempt at applying 'The emperor's new groove' style to Steve's Design.



See ya all then!

Bring your drawings or post them on the blog!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


yaaa boyyy

boy hiding behind cow and seeing alein for first time
-got more attitude, not too cute, more spunk, seems braver
oh and a gun and some goggles

Thumbnail boards for the middle part.



Tasks to do by Thursday.

1. Try to draw Steve's design of kid in Disney's 'Emperor's new Groove' style. Try to POST THEM ON OUR BLOGSPOT BY THURSDAY MORNING!

2. Have reference for layout design available.
3. Optional, is finding another style and draw alien and kid in that style and bring it in please.

Lettie did design a very simple kid, if everyone is fine with it, we will go with it, but I believe we will still require several revisions. If you do like the style, try few poses and rotations and see if you can match the style.

Remember, this will be very important to make our storyboard and leica reel look and feel consistent.

Happy Drawing!

- Dave

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Hey Group,

Baron Ham here to remind Lettie, Mike, Sooji and Laura that the meeting is @ noon, not 2pm on Monday at the Desks. I'll see if I can round up some dough to get us something to eat, or maybe bake you guys something. If you guys want to, you could bring some reference for style, but its not a requirement. Stay classy,

- Steve

Friday, October 19, 2007


Alien ship that looks like a kettle and a painting of the alien holding a weapon looking tool. I was thinking of a 3D scanner that looks like a plasma cutter.


Pose Test

Submitted by Mike. Again, if you would like to pass on anything, feel free to email me anytime.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

rough layouts

I wish I could've participated with the pitch pkg with more drawings,
but layouts...they sure take a long time to plan and to draw.

I will try to do more action poses of either the alien or the kid if I have any energy left.

See ya~!


Meeting below

Hey everyone,

This ties in with the set meetings posted below at 2pm.

After your Act group meetings we will be hosting a group meeting to discuss style.
SO for Monday, Have some alien concept drawings, AND some research into you chosen style, some images to help the group see what you were going for!

Can't wait to see all your stuff and rock of this story!

See ya all Monday!

- Jake

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Group Story Breakdown

Groups for story!

Here are the 3 groups/acts that will be working together.

Part: Leads: Members: Meeting:
-Steve Laura, Lettie, Mike, Sooji Monday Oct 22. 2pm @ desks
Middle -Andrea Lisa, Jack, Igor, Miyeon Monday Oct 22. 2pm @ (studio)
End -Bryan Jake, Dave, Sangho Monday Oct 22. 2pm @ round table (studio)

If anyone has any questions, let me know (if i made an error post it in comments).
Make sure to get into contact with group leaders as well.

Steve - stevebennett415@hotmail.com 416 259 4680
Andrea - Andrea.Fernandez@sheridanc.on.ca 647 274 2245
Bryan - redandthedevil@gmail.om 905 845 0454

Thanks alot!

- Jake Fullerton -


Hi all, sorry this took me so long to post... Got side tracked with something.

Here are Steve's kid designs and Bryan's are 3 posts below, do some hybrid drawings for the meeting tomorrow.
And Sangho's house and Jacks farm!

See ya all then!
- Jake Fullerton

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Posting for the boards. Lettie came up with the compositions, painted beat 2/3, and made correction, while I did the line work and painted first and last boards. Team work!

- Dave

miyeon line and color alein, laura line and color boy, luara color of jack's layout room